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ICSE Class 10 Results 2024: Real Academy Scales New Heights of Success

Updated: May 11

Real Academy's Success in ICSE Results

Real Academy is Breaking Records & Shaping Futures with ICSE Class 10 Results 2024!

We are thrilled to share some news regarding our ongoing commitment, to academic success! The ICSE Class 10 Results 2024 have been announced. Real Academy has again achieved an impressive milestone.

Exceptional Achievement in Our Fourth Year

In our year, we are immensely proud to announce that our pass rate for the ICSE Class 10 exams has reached an outstanding 99.00%. This remarkable feat reflects the work, dedication and perseverance of both our students and dedicated faculty.

Congratulations to Our ICSE Class 10 Students!

A heartfelt congratulations goes out to Ved Shah, our performer who secured place with an exceptional score of 99.00%! Veds outstanding achievement not positions him as Real Academy's ICSE Class 10 champion. Also showcases his academic prowess, at Omkar International School.

Achievements Worth Celebrating

We also want to recognize Daksh Shukla for securing place with an impressive score of 98.80% demonstrating remarkable talent and determination.

The celebrations continue! Out of our group of 128 students, in ICSE Class 10 an impressive 78 students have achieved above the 85% mark showcasing their academic abilities and commitment to excellence. Additionally a notable 16 exceptional students have earned themselves a reward at the Taj Mahal Palace by scoring an impressive over 95%!

A Collective Victory

This remarkable tale of success highlights the efforts of our students the unwavering support from their parents and the hard work put in by our faculty. It serves as a demonstration that with determination, perseverance and a passion for learning there are truly no boundaries, to what we can accomplish.

Top Ranked Holders of Real Academy
Best Performance of Real Academy Students in ICSE Exam


The outstanding performance of our ICSE Class 10 students truly showcases the outcomes that can arise from an effort dedicated to nurturing excellence. It highlights the atmosphere we've established at Real Academy, known as the premier coaching center, in Mumbai for the ICSE Board. Here we not support students in excelling academically. Also encourage them to explore their full potential.

If you're searching for a coaching center that can help your child achieve results in the ICSE Class 10 examinations look no further than Real Academy! We warmly welcome you to become part of our community and embark on an enriching journey, with us.



Q: How can I register my child at Real Academy?

A: We recommend checking out our website or reaching out to our admissions office for information, on our ICSE Class 10 coaching program. Connect us on 9920065143 / 9820965143.

Q: What are the class sizes like at Real Academy for the program?

A: Real Academy maintains small class sizes to offer personalized attention and create a learning environment for all students enhancing their chances of success in the ICSE curriculum.

Q: Which extracurricular activities are available alongside the coaching program at Real Academy?

A: Real Academy provides a variety of activities, including group presentations, Diwali Science Marathon, topic presentations and programs that cater to different student interests and talents offering a holistic educational experience, alongside their ICSE training.

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