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"Education is a gift that none can take away"

Every success story today was once an aspiring thought in the past. The journey to success is what makes the story an aspiring one. We here at real academy are proud to build ample of success story over the last decade. Right from the concept learning, doubt solving, aptitude building and finally reaching to maximum competency is what a student acquires with our qualified and enthusiastic team of faculties. Department like Teaching, Student Care, Counceling, Exam etc.

Help student and parents to have healthy communication and thus nurture result.


The organisation aims at making every student proficient enough to excel and succeed the competitive exams with flourishing colours thereby achieving his careers goals. We are proud to be the only private coaching institute to have an ex-student youth run the organization "REALumni Foundation" formed by the past students of Real Academy. Along with the academic excellence, Real Academy makes commendable social contribution with the help of its ex-students.

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