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Premier ICSE Coaching Classes in Mumbai at Real Academy

Join Real Academy on an enriching journey with best ICSE coaching classes in Mumbai for more than 17 years. Our dedicated and experienced instructors bring knowledge to mentor students from 8th to 10th grade. Explore the notch coaching at Real Academy committed to shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Renowned for our commitment to excellence we proudly provide premier ICSE coaching classes in Mumbai. Our focus is on extending assistance to students not to understand but also excel in their examinations. With a team of expert educators state of the art facilities and a track record of success Real Academy stands out as the choice for students aspiring for grades. Join our coaching program that steers you towards success, in Mumbai's ICSE exams.

Expert Tutors, Personalized Guidance
Best ICSE Coaching Classes in Mumbai

At Real Academy, we strive to redefine ICSE education by fostering an environment where students not only acquire knowledge but also develop a profound understanding and passion for their subjects. Our ICSE coaching classes are meticulously designed to go beyond exam preparation, nurturing a genuine love for learning.

Empower Your Academic Journey 
at Real Academy

Master ICSE Subjects Effectively: Join Mumbai's Premier Coaching Classes for Grades 8th to 10th.

Subjects Offered at Real Academy’s Best ICSE Tuitions in Mumbai

At Real Academy we provide top-notch coaching for ICSE Board and provide exceptional education for following subjects. Our expert tutors are providing best quality education for Physics,Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English,History, Marathi and Geography.

Best Tuition for
Class 8 ICSE

Real Academy's ICSE coaching for 8th standard focuses on foundational concepts. Our expert tutors create an engaging learning environment, ensuring students grasp fundamental subjects with clarity and confidence. We believe that the good foundation can lead to better success.
We offer following subjects for 8th ICSE Coaching - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, History/ Civ. And Geography.

Best Tuition for
Class 9 ICSE

At Real Academy our coaching program takes an approach to ensure students excel. Our experienced tutors prioritize thinking & practical application of knowledge equipping students with the skills needed to succeed in ICSE examinations.
For 9th ICSE Coaching we provide best tuition for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, English 1, English 2, History or Civ, Geography, Hindi, Marathi, Mathematics & Commertial Studies.

Best Tuition for
ICSE Class 10

At Real Academy, we provide coaching services specifically tailored for students in Class 10 ICSE. Our main goal is to help students excel in their examinations by offering comprehensive exam preparation. 
Our coaching classes cover a wide range of subjects, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, English 1, English 2, History or Civics, Geography, Hindi, Marathi, Mathematics and Commercial Studies. 

Why Choose Real Academy
for ICSE Tuition in Mumbai?

Real Academy,with over 17 years of expertise, brings together a well established curriculum and a student centered approach. Our dedication to academic excellence and individualized support positions us as the best choice for ICSE Coaching Classes in Mumbai.

In addition to academics we place an emphasis on holistic development, fostering vital skills for future success. Apart from offering notch ICSE Coaching in Mumbai we also provide interactive classrooms to ensure students can address any queries promptly through various means such as round the clock online assistance via the Real Genie Telegram Channel, face to face sessions, in class and more.

USP's of Best ICSE Coaching Class in Mumbai at Real Academy


For students to understand every concept in detail, we have developed our own module for Activity & Project based Learning. Our teachers try to give maximum visual, sensual & virtual experiences to students through models, charts, PPTs, videos, etc. for better understanding of concepts. Our students participate in various activities to get hands-on experience of the concepts.

Key Features of Best Coaching Class for ICSE in Dombivli at Real Academy

Curriculum Alignment

We align their curriculum with the ICSE Board syllabus for grades 8 to 10, ensuring comprehensive coverage of topics for all subjects from NCERT syllabus.

Exam-oriented Approach

Emphasis on exam patterns and question-solving strategies prepares students effectively for ICSE Board examinations.

Real App

We have our own Android Mobile App for students & parents which provide with every detailed information like daily lectures, attendance, test schedule, marks, notices, extra curricular activities, etc.

Technological Integration

Integration of technology, such as online learning platforms and digital resources, enhances the learning experience and keeps students engaged.

Motivational Sessions

Other than regular teaching, we provide with regular motivational & important sessions through various guest speakers like Board Moderators, Paper Setters, our Ex-Students, stalwarts from various industries, career counsellors, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What topics does Real Academy cover, in its coaching classes for ICSE students in grades 8th, 9th, and 10th?

A1. Real Academy offers a range of subjects, in its curriculum for students studying under the ICSE board in grades 8 9 and 10. Our team of tutors ensures that students develop a strong understanding of these subjects, which helps them build a solid academic base. English, Marathi, Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, History/Civics, Geography, Topography, Commercial Studies, Economics

Q2: How does Real Academy prepare students for the 10th ICSE Result?

A2: At Real Academy, we specialize in providing coaching for the ICSE exams. Our curriculum is designed specifically to align with the ICSE exam pattern. Our team of experienced tutors utilizes effective teaching strategies, comprehensive subject coverage and ample practice opportunities to ensure that our students are thoroughly prepared and feel confident in achieving outstanding results in their ICSE examinations.

Q3. Are there additional resources provided for students in ICSE Coaching at Real Academy?
A3: Absolutely. At Real Academy, we don't just offer classes. We provide a comprehensive learning experience with additional materials, personalized assistance and a diverse array of resources to enhance the learning journey and guarantee the success of our students.

I can confidently say that Real Academy's ICSE coaching is unparalleled. The coaching classes for ICSE class 10 are designed with a student-centric approach. The tutors create a supportive environment, making ICSE tuition more effective and enjoyable. The coaching centre's commitment to excellence is evident in their comprehensive coverage of the ICSE syllabus. Real Academy truly stands out as the best coaching for ICSE class 10 in Mumbai.

Pritam P.

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