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NEET 2024 latest News and Updates: Re-test of all 1,563 candidates is scheduled for 23rd June

NEET 2024 latest News and Updates: Re-test of all 1,563 candidates is scheduled for 23rd June

A re-examination for all 1,563 candidates is scheduled for June 23 following developments related to the UG 2024 exam also referred to as NEET UG 2024. The Supreme Court has made a decision regarding the dispute, over grace marks. Here is an overview of the information;

  • Grace Marks Controversy Resolved: The issue regarding Grace Marks has been resolved, with the Centre retracting the decision to award grace marks to 1,563 candidates. These candidates now have the opportunity to opt for a re test scheduled for June 23rd.

  • No Halt to Counselling: The counselling process, for admissions will proceed without any delays as per the Supreme Courts decision.

  • Re-Test Option and Result Timeline: Candidates who were initially awarded grace marks have the choice to take the re test. If they opt not to their original scores (without the grace marks) will be used for determining their results. The re test outcomes are anticipated by June 30th. Counselling is set to begin on July 6th.

  • Unease with Exam Process: Concerns over irregularities in the UG 2024 exam led to this development. Issues such as a number of students scoring a perfect 720 and the allocation of grace marks prompted protests in Delhi on June 10th demanding an investigation, into these matters.

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With recent happenings causing some unease among NEET hopefuls individuals aspiring to join the field can put their trust in Real Academy for thorough preparation and support. As the premier NEET coaching center in Mumbai we offer;

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  • Mentorship and guidance: Beyond academics we offer valuable mentorship and support to motivate students, towards excelling in their NEET endeavors.

Don't Allow Doubt to Hinder Your Aspirations:

The latest updates concerning UG 2024 underscore the significance of readiness. Here, at Real Academy, we are dedicated to providing you with the expertise, abilities and assurance required to excel in your NEET pursuits.

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