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Real Academy Student Achievements: A Showcase of Academic Excellence

Experience the accomplishments of our students, at Real Academy as they pave their way to success in examinations. Real Academy provide the personalized guidance and Activity Based Learning methods to establishing a standard for excellence.

At Real Academy we value honoring the progress of our students, which is characterized by commitment, effort and ultimately success. Discover the inspiring stories of Real Academy students who have excelled by attaining positions.

JEE Results 2024
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Science Results - Engineering - Successful students of Real Academy
SSC Results - Successful Students in securing high Percentage - Real Academy Success Stories
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Science Results - Medical - Successful Achievers of Real Academy
HSC Results - Successful Rank Holders of Real Academy

Curriculum Alignment

We align their curriculum with the syllabus for grade and course specific ensuring comprehensive coverage of topics for all subjects from syllabus.

Exam-oriented Approach

Emphasis on exam patterns and question-solving strategies prepares students effectively for examinations. This lead to overall understanding and clear though process for pattern understanding.

Real App

We have our own Android Mobile App for students & parents which provide with every detailed information like daily lectures, attendance, test schedule, marks, notices, extra curricular activities, etc.

Technological Integration

Integration of technology, such as online learning platforms and digital resources, enhances the learning experience and keeps students engaged.

Motivational Sessions

Other than regular teaching, we provide with regular motivational & important sessions through various guest speakers like Board Moderators, Paper Setters, our Ex-Students, stalwarts from various industries, career counsellors, etc.

Success with Real Academy for the Study of State Boards Excellence

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What sets Real Academy apart in terms of student achievements?

A1.  At Real Academy our approach combines hands on learning, guidance, from mentors and overall growth to support our students remarkable successes. Our emphasis goes beyond getting ready, for exams; we also aim to cultivate individuals who're prepared to tackle real life obstacles.

Q2: Does Real Academy offer specialized coaching for entrance exams?

A2: Certainly! Real Academy offers customized coaching programs, for entrance exams. Our team of instructors creates courses that encompass theoretical understanding and hands on practice make sure that students are fully equipped for achievement.

Q3. How does Real Academy support students in their exam preparation?
A3: Real Academy goes beyond the general teaching methods. We offer personalized mentorship, personalized guidance & a focus on practical implementation to ensure our students not only understand concepts but can apply them effectively.

Q4. What role does holistic development play in Real Academy's approach?

A4: Holistic development is integral to our philosophy. Real Academy believes in nurturing well-rounded individuals, emphasizing creativity, leadership and critical thinking alongside academic excellence. This approach prepares students for a dynamic and evolving world.

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